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Glossary of Track Cycling Terms

Straights - Two long sections that connect with the curved ends, giving the track four turns. Riders always ride counterclockwise.

Rail - The railing or fence at the top of the track.

Apron - The 5m wide flat section at the bottom of the track.

Infield - The center of the track where officials and riders set up and prepare for competition.

Cabins or Pits - Fenced enclosures in the infield where, like Formula One or NASCAR, the mechanics work on bikes and riders prepare for the competition.

Measuring Line - A black line drawn on the track 20 centimeters from the internal edge of the track.

Sprinters Line - The continuous red line which is painted 90 centimeters from the internal edge of the track.

Sprinters Lane - The area between the Measuring Line and the Sprinters Line is known as the Sprinters Lane. During sprint competition, the rider in the Sprinters Lane has the shortest run to the finish. Cyclists cannot ride on the left (or onto the Blue Band) to pass an opponent riding in the Sprinters Lane.

Blue Band - The blue band runs the full length of the internal edge of the track. Cyclists who ride onto the Blue Band can be penalized in some circumstances.

Stayer's Line - The continuous blue line drawn at one-third of the total width of the track.

Finish Line - The finish line for all events (except pursuits and individual time trials) is located at the end of the finishing straight.

Sprint Timing Line - The white line drawn across the track 200 meters before the finishing line to indicate the start of the final 200 meters in the sprint race.

Individual Time Trial & Pursuit Finish Lines - These two red lines are drawn perpendicular to the track at exactly midway point of the two straights. This is to indicate the finish line in pursuit and time trial races.